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The Trails Café: Happy Trails, Great Eats in Los Angeles

December 17, 2014 12:04 pm

The Trails Café offers health nuts an amazing menu of tasty, good for you items, perfect for fueling up before a hike or as a much needed refresher post workout. This quaint little café is nestled among the trees, giving it the perfect atmosphere of an outdoor oasis. Inside you will find a number of health conscious selections that in no way skimp on flavor.

Vegetarian options abound at The Trails Café, with a number of meat and dairy free items suited to those pursuing a lifestyle free of consumable animal products. Vegan chili offers a hearty and tasty meal for larger appetites, while the mixed fruit salad is replete the freshest produce and finished with granola and tasty yogurt. Thinly sliced potato, onion, and cheese are baked into a flaky crust in a classic quiche preparation, while the avocado sandwich is a favorite among regulars.

The Trails Cafe
2333 Fern Dell Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 871-2102

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Happy Holidays!

December 15, 2014 11:10 am

We wish you and your loved ones all a very happy and safe holiday season.

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Today’s Imponderable: Why Does Ice Float?

December 10, 2014 12:04 pm

Have you ever cracked a couple of cold ice cubes from the tray, plopped them into your glass of iced tea and thought, “Hmm… If ice is solidified water, then why does it float?” This is one topic that stumps many thoughtful people, but the answer is actually quite simple.

The definition of floating is when something has less mass than the liquid that it’s immersed in. This means that the ice cubes would have to be able to push the water out of its way in order to make it to the bottom of the glass, which also means that it would have to be denser than the water. As water freezes, its hydrogen bonds actually make it become less dense, which is unlike any other substance in its frozen state. Because ice is about nine percent less dense than water, it is impossible for it to sink.

If you still have a difficult time understanding this concept, think of a frozen lake in the wintertime: if it didn’t freeze from top to bottom, there would be nowhere for the fish to go!

Why does ice float? [MSU.edu]
Ask a science teacher: What makes ice float? [Fox News]
Why Does Ice Float? [About.com]

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