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Ready to Say Goodbye to the Gallery Wall? These New Wall Decor Ideas Will Spruce Up Your Space

July 27, 2016 12:03 pm

While the mix-and-matched gallery wall was the biggest wall art trend of the past few years, you may be a bit tired of this eclectic style. If you’re looking for a new (but equally easy) way to spruce up your walls at Windsor at Hancock Park, get some inspiration from these exciting ideas.

  1. Hang a tree trunk slice. Visit your local craft store or even a lumberyard and purchase a few large tree trunk slices. Sand them down and stain them, or hang them as-is for a truly rustic look.
  2. Create cool frames using Washi tape. If you’re tired of the hefty price tags (and the holes) that come with traditional frames, try creating one-dimensional frames out of colorful Washi tape. Create designs that are sleek, ornate, traditional or even a little wacky in all of the shapes and sizes that you desire.
  3. Hang a vintage map. If you have a large wall space that you just don’t know how to cover, try using a large vintage map. These are fairly easy to come by online or at your local thrift store or on sites like Etsy.
  4. Display antique ceramics. Collect an assortment of antique plates and baskets from antique stores or family members and display them using hanging plate racks.
  5. Frame your records. If you’re a music fan, frame your favorite records using square frames designed especially for that purpose.

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Mystery Pier Books: The Collector’s Choice

July 20, 2016 12:04 pm

Mystery Pier Books has been in business for generations, and one visit will convince you that it’s something special. Head down the well-hidden entryway and wind through a narrow passageway to the store, which looks a bit like a transplanted English cottage surrounded by flower beds. Step inside and you’ll be impressed by the staggering selection of first editions. That’s the reason for this place’s existence – extremely rare and collectible volumes.

While the prices can be steep, the store does have shelves of less pricey titles, including an impressive collection of detective novels and a robust children’s section. Visit Mystery Pier's website to find out more!

Mystery Pier Books
8826 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 657-5557
Read the reviews on Yelp.

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Safety First! Essentials for Your Home First Aid Kit

July 13, 2016 12:04 pm

Safety is a major concern in just about every household across the country, but you might not know exactly what to keep on hand to prevent against illness and injury. From minor cuts to major bumps and bruises, these first aid kit essentials will keep you (and your family) safe against all kinds of ailments.

  • Assorted bandages. Be sure to choose a box with a variety of shapes and sizes for all kinds of cuts.
  • Gauze bandages. To wrap arms and legs in case of a larger cut or burn.
  • Adhesive cloth tape. To securely fasten gauze bandages and wraps.
  • Instant cold pack. For soothing bruises and reducing swelling.
  • Aspirin. To reduce headaches and ease pain from minor injuries.
  • Oral thermometer. All households should have an adult thermometer, but families should also keep a children’s model on hand.
  • Non-latex gloves. For safely cleaning and dressing wounds.
  • Antihistamine. Brands like Benadryl help to reduce allergic reactions, such as bee stings.
  • Antibacterial creams. For disinfecting cuts, burns, and scrapes.
  • Antiseptic wipe packets. To quickly clean cuts and burns as soon as they happen.
  • Tweezers. To remove splinters and other small debris.
  • Rubbing alcohol. To sterilize your tools.
  • Sharp scissors. For cutting bandages, gauze, and other supplies.

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